How to Post a Message

You can create a Post in one of the following categories:

  • Events
  • Locums
  • Minutes
  • Resident’s Rag
  • General Discussion
  • Negotiations
  • Billing Pearls
  • Clinical Cases
  • Videos
  • Polls

To get started, click on  at the top of the screen.  Type in the title and then the content of your Post.  On the right-hand column of the screen, you will see the “Categories” section.  Make sure you categorize correctly so that it appears in the proper section of the web site.  This prevents your post from being viewed by non-members.  Note that selecting the category “Resident’s Rag” makes the post visible only to residents and the site administrator but not to general members.

Finally click on  on the right column of the screen.  The site administrator will be notified to review and publish your post.  Check back in a while and your Post will be published for all to see.

How to Delete a Post

You can delete a Post that you created.  Click on  on the top left of the screen to get to the Dashboard.  At the Dashboard, click on  in the left-hand column menu.  Once you see your message, move your mouse over the title of your post and then click on “Trash” to delete it.

How to Change Your Profile

Click on  on the top left of the screen until to get to the Dashboard.  Click on  on the left-hand column menu.  Change the information in your profile.  Finally, click on  at the bottom of the screen.