78717 complex discharge plan – $75

For those using Accuro EMR I’ve uploaded the new SSC complex discharge plan template to be downloaded from the form publisher

Just search for “SSC” and the form is called “SSC complex discharge plan”

You will need to change my name to yours

There is more info about the fee on the bcma website: bcma.org

The fee is effective June 1, 2012

5 thoughts on “78717 complex discharge plan – $75

  1. does anybody have any suggestions on how to bill this?

    attempt laparoscopic recurrent ventral hernia (mesh already in place)
    1 hour of laparoscopic lysis of adhesions
    convert to open(enterotomy)
    small bowel resection with anastomosis
    open ventral hernia repair with mesh


    • I would suggest billing small bowel resection as the primary fee plus open lysis of adhesions for 90min
      This would not be held or rejected for sure
      For an extra 80 bucks you can bill 07596 but you may be asked for the operative report

      If you try to add a ventral hernia to any bowel case it raises an automatic red flag to be manually adjudicated
      Also, you can’t bill lap lysis of adhesions with laparoscopic ventral hernia

      Another alternative is to bill open recurrent ventral hernia
      SB resection at 50%
      open lysis of adhesions for 60min (you can bill with recurrent hernias)
      71630 new mesh extra fee
      (Optional 04001 at 50% with a note record saying “laparoscopic converted to open” – but adding this would increase the chance of rejection and only $80 extra)
      You would have to send the operative report pre-emptively but would have a high chance of being paid after a long delay

      Hope that is helpful

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